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Today, i will be sharing another set of game reviews. My PSP is still not working I already called for a technician to repair it.

Anyway, there will be cool PSP games coming out this year which includes Final Fantasy Dissidia 2. If you are a big fan of FF game series then better include this on your game lists. I really had so much fun playing the first installment and i know there are so many things to watch out for in this newest sequel. What makes Dissidia different to all other FF game series is the all out cast of protagonists and antagonists. It is like the compilation of all the Final Fantasy games. So if you like seeing Cloud Strife and Tidus in one game, then go ahead and play Final Fantasy Dissidia.

I went on hiatus in online gaming but i am planning to go back especially now that i have heard that my favorite MMORPG, FlyFF (Fly For Fun) is offering new jobs. I was stocked in being a Blade and now that they are offering third jobs, i guess i will start loving this game again. I love Flyff more than Ragnarok because they offer nice graphics and cuter characters. They are in 3D too so it is way a lot better than the 2D platform games offered by Ragnarok.

If you're not into RPG games, then you might want to try this new game that i downloaded in my PC. It is entitled "Varmintz". Your goal here is to pass through all the obstacles from one end to another. You just have to help the Varmintz to get safely into their Dens. There are so many hazards and they will get tougher and tougher as your level goes high.

If you do not like to download any games on your PC ( we know how risky to download games right?), then you may want to stick with kostenlose browsergames (free browser games). They are free and no downloads or installation required. My favorite browser game so far would be the ZooMumba. As what the term suggests, your goal here is to manage a zoo (just think of the Zooville in Facebook).You can plan and create a lot of attractions and animal care, buy, and make a crowd puller. You can take care of Pandas, Elephants, Flamingos and more!
Have fun guys! Be sure to add these games on your game list okay!


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