Car or Tv?

You know guys that we just had renovation in our house last year and we are now trying to save more money because Dad is planning to replace his old car and buy a new one. Well we've been using that car for more than six years already and i guess it is just right to replace it. However, if they will be spending their savings to buy a new car, i will no longer have a chance to convince them to buy a brand new Flat screen TV. We all know how expensive this gadget is but of course the price is truly worth it because it provides you a great watching experience because you can view the channels in high definition and in good audio quality. And besides having a Flat Screen Tv at home is like an investment already.
If we didn't had a renovation last year, i'm sure it would be pretty easy for me to convince them. But of course, the final decision will still be on my dad but i'll try my best to encourage my mom and my siblings to convince Dad about it haha. Majority wins right? haha.
How about you guys? Do you think it's just right for me to insist them to buy an LCD TV or am I just too selfish about it. Anyway, just like what i said, everything is on my dad's decision and no matter he chooses the car over the tv, i will not be affected and no hard feelings for my dad.
Have a great day guys and happy blogging!


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