Summer Vacation

Our summer vacation is just around the corner and i am very excited about it. It's been a tradition to me already to visit my relatives and my grand parents in the province every summer. I used to spend my vacation there.
I remember i really had so much fun last year because i was able to meet some of my cousins. It's very rare for me to see them personally and they even tour me on their place. I just love their poultry farm and they even taught me how to feed and breed their chickens.
My province is on Alaminos, Panggasinan and every time i go there, i always grab the opportunity to visit the well known "Hundred Islands"
If there's one thing that i should be worrying about in going there this year, that would be the issue with my work. I am a working student now so even though it is our vacation in our school, i still have commitments with my employer. Good thing my job can be done online however my laptop is not so cooperating to me lately. It's starting to give me some headache and i just brought it to a repair shop last week. Now i really don't know if i can visit my grandparents this summer because of this. I think this is the right time for me to replace this lappie and i make sure this time that i will check some Laptop Reviews first before buying.
I have heard a lot of positive feedback about Acer and Toshiba but i just don't know which of them performs better. Any suggestions?


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