My Nursing Dream

Nursing is probably one of the most in demand profession today and our Filipino Nurses are highly in-demand abroad too. However, it is quite disappointing that almost half of the Nursing board exam takers this year almost failed. This is the highest amount of failures in the Philippines history and i know for sure that the heads of nursing association here in the country will do something to improve this very disappointing results. Perhaps, they will add additional curriculum or extend study hours.
Anyway, i know I should not be so affected by this issue, knowing that i am not into medical field and i am not a graduating student yet. I am currently taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Obviously i will become a high school teacher 2 years from now but i can tell you guys that teaching is not my first love. Believe me guys, I once dreamed to wear one of those nursing scrubs but maybe being a nurse isn't my destiny. My feet take me here in the teaching field which now becomes my passion. I was trained by my own experiences. I did some tutorial services when i was in high school and since then, i started to love teaching kids and share my knowledge with them. Well. even though i am in a new field now, i still have that nursing passion inside me. In fact, i felt a bit envious every time i see some friends wearing their white lab coats. Most of my classmate took nursing course and only few from our batch took Education courses. I wonder how it feels working in a hospital, assisting patients, helping the doctor and doing other nursing tasks. It's funny but i once thought of buying a nurse uniform (just for fun) but i just don't know where to buy medical scrubs and i also don't have enough courage to ask my nurse friends about it.
Well, choosing Education course over Nursing isn't that bad at all. I love teaching a lot and i know i made the right decision. Maybe nursing is not my fate. And besides, teaching kids is fun especially high school students. Nursing now is nothing but a dream but who knows? maybe i'll take nursing or a health care field in the near future? But for now, let me enjoy my course. I also promise my self to give all my best here and get high a very satisfying grades. Wish me luck guys!


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