Nursing Home or Home Care?

There has been an ongoing debate whether Home care for our aged parents are better than sending them into a nursing home facility and vice versa. For me, it is a case to case basis. If you know that you still have time to spend quality moments with your mom and dad, then home care is the answer but when there is a health issue involved like parents who have Alzheimer’s disease and has to be regularly monitored, I suggest that you hired a nurse to monitor their health but if you do not have enough budget for that, then sending them into a Nursing home facility is the best option! In fact, a huge percentage of elderly in America are in a nursing home facilities where they are dearly cared by friendly nurses. They are regularly monitored too and they will surely never feel alone as they are accompanied by their fellow elderly. Thinking for A Place for Mom when she gets older might be too early for me right now. But of course my mom would be happier if she will be staying with me or with my other siblings but just like what I said, it is a case to case basis and I will definitely choose what is the best thing for her.


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