Going back to School

When my father got heart stroke way back 2001, it made his left body almost paralyzed. Well, that left me no choice too but to stop my college and focus more on my work. Yup! i stared to work at a very young age and i really miss my college days so badly. As the eldest, i have no choice but to take my father's responsibility. Well, i really don't mind helping them and besides, it is my chance now to bring the courtesy back to them. Being a breadwinner is such a big challenge indeed but i have to bear with everything in order to survive. So even it is so hard for me to choose work over my studies, i still chose work for the sake of my family.
Actually, i was a working student at first but i find it so hard to manage both my work and school. The schedule are quite demanding and i just can't take all the stress and pressure. And so i decided to give up my studies.
But now that i got a stable job and was somehow managed to help my family, it could probably a perfect chance for me to continue my schooling days again.
I remember how tough it was during my first year. I'm not a geeky guy and I got so many weaknesses especially in our English Subject. Well, i know how to express myself by reciting them in English fluently but I am having a hard time writing them grammatically correct. I used to get low scores in most of my thesis and research papers.
And now that i am planning to go back, it might be one of my enemies again haha.
Thanks God, modern advances made it much easier for us to get high quality research papers online. I might consider getting a research paper writing service in the near future. But of course, I will not take advantage of it. I will still make my own research papers and it's just that I need some good research paper samples to help me improve my writing skills. I can use those research papers are a great reference to my writings.
Anyway, i know it's kinda early for me to think of these stuffs since i have to wait for one more year before I can enroll myself again.
So excited for this!
For the meantime, i will just read some books to review my knowledge. It's been 5 years you know haha.


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