ROSE Online

ROSE Online was developed by Gravity and TriggerSoft and brought to us by Levelk Up! (the same guys who gave us Ragnarok), R.O.S.E Online is an MMORPG hit! Combining fantasy and science fiction, its players are tasked by the good goddess Arua to fight against the evil god Hebarn and save not just one world but seven1
R.O.S.E stands for "Rush On Seven Episodes" because the game unfolds accross seven unique planets:
  • JUNON, named after the patron God of adventurers
  • LUNA, a marvelous planet filled with mystery
  • SKA, a beautiful vacation resort planet whose names means "Love"
  • ELDEON, where it is said ancient legends sleep, waiting to be awakened
  • KAKIA, a planet known for its desolate wasteland
  • ORO, the prosperous planet of gold
  • HEBARN, the planet the God of Malice wrestled away pompously named after himself.
It is said in the old tales that the universe, called the Sea of Souls, was a vast ocean of darkness until the councils of Gods decided to settle down. It would be a great honor to be chosen as the creator of their new homes and the candidates were narrowed down to Arua and Hebarn. The council of Gods voted and Arua won. Arua drew in love and imagination to create the seven planets and their brilliance filled the Sea of Souls with wondrous light and life.
However, Hebarn's jealousy and anger threatened to consume the seven planets with darkness. He secretly sent Devil pests to the other planets , which turned friendly animals ito a deadly monsters~ Not knowing about Hebarn's treachery, Arua simply thaught that she made mistakes with the creatures, so she created a new race of beings called Visitors to fix the problems.


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