Duplicate File Finder

I get so upset every time my computer get so slow. The capacity or storage of my Hard Drive is not enough to support everything like gaming, downloading and other related stuffs and as a result, my browser is taking too slow to response which is very irritating especially for a blogger and a freelance writer like me who needs to perform multi-tasking everyday. I am a technical support associate so I should know what to do in order to resolve this issue. Since this is a slow connectivity issue, I know the fact that the best why to solve it is to upgrade my Internet Service plan or upgrade my devices especially my Hard Disk. However, this upgrading will be very costly and will take so much of my time. As an alternative solution, I try to minimize the Disk Storage and delete some unnecessary files and documents. I noticed that I got plenty of duplicate files in which I think could be one of the reason why my internet connection is getting very slow. Tracing each duplicated files will take so much of my time that is why I am very happy to discover that there are downloadable software such as the “duplicate file finder remover” which main function is to trace and remove those duplicated files from your PC. This is much easier than tracing them manually. I better try this one out!


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