Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: GAME BOY

Do we really need an intro to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? By now, you probably know everything there is to know about it. The Game remains faithful to both the book and the movie. You can play as either Harry, Hermione, or Ron and let the magic be unleashed.
For Graphics i might say that Harry and the gang have never looked better-they look like the real actors now! The Environment and the spell effects also show off good details in some of the levels.Some of the action slows down, however, when there are two many enemies on screen; but otherwise Goblet of fire is bloody brilliant visual treat.
The Game is pretty linear: finish one mission, and it's on to the next. Most enemies are beaten by simple button mashing techniques, making the game bit ho-hum. The best part of the game though, are the varied levels and the co-op mode. One player just doesn't do the game much justice.

Its is more fun if you play with your siblings r friends , and combine spells to double your fun.
Sound especially the voice acting is pretty good, and the lines are right on the character. Ron states the obvious, While Hermione reminds us why she's the smart-aleck of the bunch. The sound effects of the spells are very crisp, and are just how you would imagine they would sound.


Overall, it is a very short game that you'll never had a hard time finishing. On the heels of an awesome book and a great movie, this gaming exceeds the passing mark. Sure the movie and the book is a tough act to follow, but the game is really just too simple to deserve a better score.


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