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Regular high school student by day, super duper gjhost-buster by night. That's the kind of double life Danny Fenton leads. Do you ever wonder what it's like to have phantom powers? Find it out in "Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy", where you can rustle up some ectoplasmic baddies in this awesome beat em' up based on the cartoon.

The game graphics looks just like it does on TV! Maybe a little too much. The spirit of the cartoon's art style is alive and well, but for an action game it could use a bit more pizzas. Other than that, your favorite characters are here in all their colorful Nicktoon glory, and the cutscenes look extra sweet too!
Danny Phantom is a very straight forward beat- em' up. This means that, although most will enjoy the quick and easy one button combo system, experienced gamers might look for more frills. You can mix it up, though Danny's special moves, powered by an auto-leveling system.

The sounds are just about right for an action/adventure beat-em-up, and gamers are in for a lot of punches, blasts, and grunts. The music is a little weak, but it isn't that bad. Fans may even recognize some tunes from the cartoon series.

When you have played through the story line and collected Danny's amazing phantom-powers, that's about it for this game. But it's still a great game to play in short burst, especially if nothing cheers you up better than sending ghastly ghoulies back to where they came from.
It may not be the loudest game or have the whole lot of sound effects, but Danny Phantom makes up for it in a lot of different ways. The graphics are simple yet effective and true to the cartoon. And of course, the most important thing is, it's fun! In Danny's world, not seeing is believing, but in this case: see it, believe it and play it!

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