Dracula Movie

My sister and i were planning to watch Paranormal Activity 2 this weekend. I am a certified movie goer and i love watching horror movies the most. In fact, I have lots of DVD collection of horror movies. If there’s one thing to creep yourself out this coming Halloween other than attending a Halloween Costume party or joining a boring spooky storytelling session, i guess watching horror movies with your friends is the best one. I am actually looking forward to see a new dracula movie this year. Since movie creators are now fond of remaking films, I wish they will remake an original dracula movie. Well, i am referring to a Dracula here and not those Vampires from the hit film Twilight and tv show, The Vampire Diaries. Those vampires like Edward from the Twilight are like modern blood sucking vampires but for me nothing can beat the intense offered by real Dracula movies.


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