A Promise From my Uncle

My Uncle Stewart sent me a new set of PlayStation cds. My Uncle Stewart and I were very close to each other and he really knows me a lot. He knows that i am a certified Role Playing Game (RPG) lover that is why he sent me some of my favorite Role Playing games like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy game series. But aside from these games, he's also the one who encouraged me to play US Casino games. I find the game quite complicated at first, knowing that i never been into any casino. But i soon learned how to play them after he teaches me how. The first ever Casino game that i learned was Roulette because it has very simple and easy to follow rules and you do not have to apply any skills or techniques to win. Anyway, my Uncle Stewart is currently working abroad and he promised me that he will treat me to a real casino as he went back to Philippines. I am so excited about it especially now that i have heard that he will be having a 2 months vacation this coming December. Finally, i will have a chance to visit a real casino.

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