Piranha II: The Spawning

Piranha II: The Spawning is a 1981 horror film, the sequel to the 1978 low-budget film Piranha, and the feature film directorial debut of James Cameron. The film is also known as Piranha II: Flying Killers.

Off the coast of a Caribbean island, a couple flee the hotel to have sex in the sea. But they swim into a sunken wreck which is also a piranha lair. The next day, a group, including Tyler Sherman, are taking the diving courses provided by Anne Kimbrough, an employee of the Hotel Elysium's. One of her divers swims into the wreck, which she has strictly forbidden to her divers. Leaving Tyler to take over and lead the others to the surface, she discovers almost immediately that her 'missing' student has swam into the wreck and been killed there. Her estranged husband, Steve, a police officer, refuses to listen to Anne about her wanting to have a look at the body, because she needs to know what happened. The death does not seem to match the attack pattern by any of the marine life in this area, which she knows better than anyone. For her not to know what killed a diver is a dangerous sign. Steve intercepts Aaron, a dynamite fisherman, and his son, and threatens to confiscate their boat, but as Aaron explains, Steve, Anne, and he, are old friends. Meanwhile, as the guests begin to flirt with each other, a pair of women arrive on a large boat. By their own admission, they are sea bandits. One sneaks into the kitchen to steal food, but is intercepted by Mel, a cook. She flirts with him, and he offers instead to make her a wonderful dinner. But as he goes to their boat with the meal, they take the meal and then undock, letting the boat drift. They try to convince him to jump, and he tries, and fails, so they mock him and sail off. They sail too far out, and are attacked by the piranha, who have developed the power to fly.Worried about what's going on, Anne finds that she is being frequently bothered by Tyler Sherman, and so she takes him with her to the morgue. with Tyler Sherman o get a look at the body. It is revealed there that she became a marine biologist before she married Steve, and so she begins taking pictures. There, she finds that the bodies have been eaten in many parts. A nurse comes in, kicks them out, and ends up quickly dead, for a piranha was hiding in the body and escaped it. Armed with the power to fly, it kills the nurse and escapes out a window . . . In her hurry, Anne left her credit card behind at the scene. Anne and Tyler have a one night stand, but in the morning, while he sleeps, she begins to study the pictures, and is horrified by what she discovers. Steve arrives, throwing the card at her, angry first that she went to the morgue in defiance of him, and secondly that she has man in her bed. She tries to warn him of what she's discovered, but he ignores her and thinks she's a murderess.Anne tries to tell the managers that she's cancelling the dives because it isn't safe. He at first pretends to be concerned, but swiftly fires her, thinking she is crazy. Attempting to capture one for further study, or at the very least take some pictures so she can prove what she's trying to tell Steve and the manager, she is intercepted by Tyler, who swiftly informs her that he is a biochemist and member of a team which has developed the ultimate weapon: a specimen of genetically modified piranha, with some other fish's genes intermixed, capable of flying. Earlier, and unfortunately, the team mistakenly deposited (or lost) a cylinder full of these fish in the water where the dead couple were found.Aaron provides the proof Anne needs to Steve, calling him and showing him, not merely some flying piranha he's recently caught, and never seen before, but also that they're a serious danger, because they're turning on each other. This is a sign that they're running out of food and will soon attack whatever they come near, including humans. At a meeting, Anne tries her best to reason with the manager, to no avail. Steve surprises her, standing up for her and proving her case for her by throwing the body of a dead piranha onto the table. Steve tells her that she can't trust Tyler, because the army says he's crazy. She argued that Tyler's just been using her to get the message of the piranha out for him, to protect both himself and the residents of the hotel.Later on, a piranha attacks Aaron's son and kills him, leaving a bereft Aaron to vow revenge by killing the fish in the wreck they hide in. Anne tries to dissuade him, but it's too late. Having ignored Anne's advise, the manager hosts a fish party to capture grunion, who come up to the beach to spawn at this time, making them easy prey for humans to capture and kill. Unfortunately for the residents, the piranha are also partially grunion and share the same instinct . . . During the fishing party promoted by the resort, the piranhas attack the guests. Anne leads those who survive into hotel, where they shut the doors and windows. Aaron tries to attack them, but they overwhelm him.In the morning, the piranha withdraw, for Anne had discovered that they are not fond of light. Tyler and Anne decide to undertake Aaron's plan, and blow up the ship to destroy the predators. Meanwhile, the situation gets even tenser, for not merely can the piranha fly, but Anne and Steve's son has been hired, against their wishes, by a local ship 'Captain', and his lovely daughter. They sail away, and strand themselves on an island, leaving them vulnerable to piranha attacks that never actually happen. Getting lost at sea, they try to set sail again, heading straight toward the wreck . . .

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