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Every business should establish their own logo. This is what I’ve learned from my teachers. I remember when I was in High school we once had a subject about Entrepreneurship where in we have to act as a business man and create a business of our own. As a part of what they called business operating procedure, a company should establish a logo for their company or for their product. These logos will help their products or services easily identified by the public. It is also a marketing strategy knowing that the more attractive and more appealing your logo are; the more possible customers encouraged to use the product. Same thing goes in the reality. Logo plays a very important role in any business. But then this logo cannot be done without any knowledge in designing, or if you are not creative enough to establish your own logo, it would be better to hire logo designers. There are sites that offer custom logo design like the “LogoMyWay.com” that offers tons of custom logo designs and all of them are unique and 100% made by their talented logo designers. They even have some logo contest that helps designers to earn money in an instant.

Cheap Research Papers

As a graduating student taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, I have to expect that there will be a lot of research papers to be done. I might be a good speaker in our class but I am not a good writer and writing such research papers is really a hard task for me. I don’t want to fail so I will do everything just to get rid of these research papers. Luckily, I found a site that offers cheap research papers. From now on, I don’t have to worry that much about research papers. You may visit CustomEssayPapers.com and see what the site has to offer for you!

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Green Seeds

Comfortable Beds

Being a call center agent is not an easy job because you always have to deal with the stress you get from mind breaking graveyard shift schedule, irate callers, and supervisors. In this kind of job, what you need is a time to relax and a time to sleep. Having a proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours is good enough to washes out all stress you got from your work. The best way to relax is to find the best location and ambiance. And speaking of relaxation, the first thing or part of the house that comes to our mind is no other than out bed room. Sleeping over a soft fabricated bed is such a great way to relax. My mom is very sensitive in buying our beds, she always make sure that she will buy nothing but high quality and highly durable beds. Comfortability is one of the most important things to consider in buying a bed since that is what beds are for ~ to provide us comfort. If you are looking for high quality beds, you better search it online. There are site that offer great discounts and offer free delivery. Try visiting http://www.time4sleep.co.uk and witness their extensive collection of high quality beds.

Duplicate File Finder

I get so upset every time my computer get so slow. The capacity or storage of my Hard Drive is not enough to support everything like gaming, downloading and other related stuffs and as a result, my browser is taking too slow to response which is very irritating especially for a blogger and a freelance writer like me who needs to perform multi-tasking everyday. I am a technical support associate so I should know what to do in order to resolve this issue. Since this is a slow connectivity issue, I know the fact that the best why to solve it is to upgrade my Internet Service plan or upgrade my devices especially my Hard Disk. However, this upgrading will be very costly and will take so much of my time. As an alternative solution, I try to minimize the Disk Storage and delete some unnecessary files and documents. I noticed that I got plenty of duplicate files in which I think could be one of the reason why my internet connection is getting very slow. Tracing each duplicated files will take so much of my time that is why I am very happy to discover that there are downloadable software such as the “duplicate file finder remover” which main function is to trace and remove those duplicated files from your PC. This is much easier than tracing them manually. I better try this one out!

Who says watching commercial is boring? Well, if you're talking about those annoying political advertisements, yes it is but there's one commercial that i never felt bored watching. The commercial that i am talking about is the Mcdonald's "Tweens" ad. First of all, this post is not intended to promote this fast food chain and i just want to share how creatively this commercial was done. It shows the typical life of a teenager or should i say adolescence period. Watch this Youtube video and you'll surely find it sweet.

My Uncle has a food business. He usually sells fresh vegetables like cabbage, eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, some legumes and a whole lot more. He once shared his experiences in managing and handling this kind of food business. According to him, managing a vegetable business is not an easy task knowing that vegetables do not last for a long period of time. Meaning to say, it is, somehow, risky. Price of each vegetable varies depending on the situation. It is a case to case basis. The price of each vegetable gets higher if there is a calamity that highly affects agricultural products. The transportation expenses are also one of the major factors that cause higher product prices. In my Uncle’s case, he bought his own truck so it will be convenient for him and for the customer’s part too. It will be easy for him to lower down the prices of his goods since he’s not paying for any transportation expenses. He also makes sure that his dealer truck is insured so he will not have any problem in the near future. Good thing, we can now apply for insurances online and another good thing is that, there are site that offer cheap and very affordable HVG insurance which is perfect for my Uncle’s dealer truck.

Listening to Music

Music has been a part of my life. I guess I can’t live a day without listening to any music. I am a certified music lover especially old songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I love listening from different music genre like jazz, pop, ballad, light rock, alternative and more. For me, listening to Music can help us in so many ways. Listening to a happy music can help you overcome depression; it can also serve as your stress reliever. It can also be an energizer! Listening to music while working will boost your strength and will keep you up and working. Listening to soft music will help you to relax and washes out all the stress and body pain you got from your heavy work. In short, we cannot live without music. Without music, our life would be so boring and sad. That’s why I always have my MP3 in my pocket so that anytime I want to listen to my favorite songs, I can play it in anytime. It is good to have a gadget such as MP3 where you can download all your favorite songs and play them anytime you want. You can download MP3 files anywhere online but the problem is, sometimes, the files are broken and you cannot do anything about it. In my case, I always get my Music on Rapidshare as it never failed me. I got the right files completely. Actually, right now, I am planning to download 4 new songs to be added on my play list. Always remember, music is everywhere and all we have to do is to listen!

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Book Review # 39


This story is about a girl, Annie, and her "clairvoyant" mother who move from town to town swindling people of their money. The mother, the amazing Madame Caterina, uses her daughter to follow people around and listen in on their conversations to draw out secrets, posing as and idiot. Caterina then uses the common gossip the daughter has procured to "predict" the troubles that the person (usually a woman) is suffering. They arrive at Peach Hill where Annie decides she wants to be a normal girl with a normal life. When her mother begins to flirt with a supposedly wealthy man, Annie seizes the opportunity to have an episode and magically gain intelligence. The mother a daughter spend the book trying to out think each other's actions to get what they want: Caterina wanting money and a steady income of customers, Annie wanting to go to school, make friends, and impress the handsome Sammy Sloane.

I Gotta Feeling by Black eyed Peas

Lyrics | Black Eyed Peas lyrics - I Gotta Feeling lyrics

My mom's Garden

Gardening is what makes my mom very happy. My mom spent most of her time in our garden taking care of those lovely ornamental plants in our yard. She got some roses, sunflowers, daisy, jasmine, bougainvilleas, orchids and more! Aside from her colorful flowering plants, she also has some useful plants that she mostly used for some of her favorite recipes. She also got some medicinal plants and herbs that are very useful to cure some common diseases like cough, colds, rushes and even pimples. My mom amazed me on how she manage everything in our garden. However, she have to hired some garden designers to help her organized her garden. She even bought some books about proper gardening and bought some gardening tools and equipments to be used for some gardening procedures. However, we got some problems with these bulky equipments because we do not know where to place them. Sad to say, we do not have enough space in our garage to store those tools. Good thing i discovered www.asgardsss.co.uk, it is a site that caters storage products like Metal Shed. This Metal Garden Shed will help my mom to keep her gardening tools and equipments in a right and safe place

Book Review # 38


Alexa Daley is the precocious daughter of the mayor of the Lathbury spending another summer in the walled town of Bridewell. Bridewell is one of the four cities found within the walls of Elyon. This year, she is set on solving the mystery of what lies beyond the walls. Legend says the walls were built to keep out an unnamed evil that lurks in the forests and The Dark Hills. But what exactly is it that the townspeople are so afraid of? Alexa discovered a secret tunnel leading out of Elyon and into the forest stumbles upon a stone with great power, and with the help of her friend wolf named Darius, manages to prevent a war from happening.
This great story was written by Patrick Carman. You must read it too!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: GAME BOY

Do we really need an intro to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? By now, you probably know everything there is to know about it. The Game remains faithful to both the book and the movie. You can play as either Harry, Hermione, or Ron and let the magic be unleashed.
For Graphics i might say that Harry and the gang have never looked better-they look like the real actors now! The Environment and the spell effects also show off good details in some of the levels.Some of the action slows down, however, when there are two many enemies on screen; but otherwise Goblet of fire is bloody brilliant visual treat.
The Game is pretty linear: finish one mission, and it's on to the next. Most enemies are beaten by simple button mashing techniques, making the game bit ho-hum. The best part of the game though, are the varied levels and the co-op mode. One player just doesn't do the game much justice.

Its is more fun if you play with your siblings r friends , and combine spells to double your fun.
Sound especially the voice acting is pretty good, and the lines are right on the character. Ron states the obvious, While Hermione reminds us why she's the smart-aleck of the bunch. The sound effects of the spells are very crisp, and are just how you would imagine they would sound.


Overall, it is a very short game that you'll never had a hard time finishing. On the heels of an awesome book and a great movie, this gaming exceeds the passing mark. Sure the movie and the book is a tough act to follow, but the game is really just too simple to deserve a better score.

Taking Risks

Taking Risk is something that most of us are afraid of but why do we dislike it? For me, it is simply because most of us are afraid of what will happen after taking it. Taking Risks will not give you any assurance and there are only two possible outcome which is either you Failed or you succeed but according to Arina and in her article about “Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks?”, We should not be afraid of taking risk as long as we know how to do it well. What we need is courage and an optimistic attitude to handle everything. We should be aware of failures too and accept it whole heartedly no matter what.



Here's another cool gadget. With the design flair in mind, the eggheads at NEC came up with the "Wacca". Wacca is a gadget, an accessory and a fashion statement that records the wearer's activities through out the day with pictures and videos. Think of it as recording your whole life in a digital format so you can access(or blog) it whenever you please. Amazing!

Jump Higher

My sister is a member of Cheer leading Squad and we are very proud of her. But one time, she told me that she’s having a hard time doing some tricks that requires her to jump high. She’s blaming her self for being a short-legged. It seems that she is very frustrated at that time and how I wish I can help her out with her problem. Fortunately, while I was searching over the net, I found a site that offers training programs that will help an individual to jump higher. This really took my attention and I found it very interesting knowing that their training was proven effective. My sister would be very happy if I tell her something about this. This will surely motivate her to continue her passion in cheer leading.

Alibata Award

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