My mom and I decided to have a general cleaning in the house and I found this old toy in our stock room. Wow, i was pretty amazed how did my mom managed to keep such toy for a very long time. As far as I can remember this is one of the toys I got from my Ninong Denny during my 7th birthday. I also have some pictures holding this toy so I am really aware about the exact day when did I received this gift hehe. It made me realized that aside from photos, toys can capture and save memories as well. It feel like I was celebrating my 7th birthday again after seeing this toy.
However, as you can see, the toy is not in the good condition anymore but I feel like I don't wanna throw them away since it is very memorable for me. I have to salute my mom for keeping these toys for almost two decades. Even though I lost Elmo and Ernie, I still have Big Bird with me LOL.
It was not my favorite toy actually because when I was a kid, I am more into robot and toy soldiers and my mom used to buy me a set because I will definitely cry the whole day when I didn't get any of those (tsk tsk tsk What a naughty boy I am).
But of course, things have changed after getting into high school but my fascination with toys is still there hahaha.
Believe it or not, i am still into it and as a matter of fact, i am saving my money now because I am targeting to buy that rc helicopter that i saw online last night. I just love the details and i love the features of that helicopter which tempting me to buy it. (waaah help me LOL). I just can't help but to love it and I'm sure toy lovers out there will feel the same way hehehe.

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