My Goal Next Year

Time is really running so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when all of us are so excited in welcoming 2011 and now, we are about to bid goodbye and pave way to another year. I bet you guys already have your own new year resolution and goals. Hopefully, 2012 will become another blasting year for me in terms of my work and my blog. I don't mind being single for another year since i am planning to focus more on my career. If god will permit me, I want to go to college again and take another field. Nursing actually fascinates me the most and it has been a dream job to me. I really want to consider taking a nursing course or any health care related field however, i became very busy with my work and I don't have much time yet to study and work full time. It is so hard to become a working student. I have been there so I am aware how stressing it would be. This is the reason why i decided to focus more on my work first so that i can earn and save enough money for my education. But of course, we have to keep in mind that it is not just about how expensive the tuition fee is or how elegant their facilities are but the quality of the education that a school provide like what the nursing school san jose in California provides. It is important that the school that you will be in is reputable and credible enough. Education should always be your top priority so why should you trust schools that offer cheaper tuition fees yet provide a not so satisfying quality of education right?

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