With our suffering economy today it is really necessary for any individual regardless of what group you belong to the society whether you are a business and wealthy individual or you belong to the bottom group, to spend your money wisely and productively. Keep in mind that this is a global financial crisis and we have to be aware that every one could be affected by this phenomenon. You have to spend your money wisely indeed and as much as possible buy only the things that you need and set aside all your personal leisure at first.
Save your money and invest them so that you can still gain profit and you have something to rely on in case a major financial problem occurs. Investment is probably the most effective way to save your money and there are thousands of ways to invest but only few of them are said to be very effective . Busying properties is one of the most common and effective way to invest whether it is a house, jewelries or a car. All of them got their own value which will eventually grow as years pass by.
You can also try the so called infinite banking and become your own banker. Infinite Banking is more like an individualized banking system that mainly rely on participating whole life insurance policies, which build up equity and pay dividends. One of the advantages of infinite banking is that it offers life insurance coverage which is a low risk investment with guaranteed returns. Interesting eh? Go and ask your financial adviser to know more about infinite banking.


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