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Finally, i was able to place my order yesterday and the items will be shipped here pretty soon. As you all know, I am planning to start an online business this month in which I am going to showcase my handmade clay crafts. I had my first workshop last week and I think I'm ready enough to run a business of my own. I can't deny the fact that this plan is somehow risky knowing that this is my first time to try a different output and I do not have any idea how to run an online business effectively. But that's how every business are being processed, you really have to take the risk and do your best to come up with a productive and profitable business.
I decided to start an online business first because I don't have enough budget yet to rent or to buy a real establishment for my shop but once my online business became successful , I might have to consider that option as well.
Budget is not a problem actually especially now that there are lending companies that are willing to lend money for an aspiring entrepreneur like me.
Hawkeye, for an instance, is a legit and well trusted company that offers you a minimum of $50,000 in spendable, unsecured business lines of credit once you meet their qualifications. This is actually an ideal way to start a great business. Grab this opportunity to expand and grow as an entrepreneur. So far, I do not have any bad credit history so I guess that is good enough for me to pass their pre qualification. Interestingly, Pre Qualification will just take more or less five minutes to process and it can be done online or through Phone. After this process, you will proceed to their Initial consultation and Lender preparation.
This process makes me eager to work hard. I just want to make sure first that my business will go exactly as I would like it to be so please pray for me.


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