Wedding is undeniably one of the most memorable moments in our life that's why whenever this event arrives, you better make the most out of it and try to make it unique and special as much as possible. This is exactly what we did for our cousin. My cousin is getting married with his long term girlfriend this coming September and we are all excited for this much awaited event in our family. The preparations are almost done and as a matter of fact, my cousin approached me a week ago and asked for my assistance with regards with the wedding preparation. As a former event organizer , he was hoping I could help him to make his wedding more inviting. Wedding is actually not my expertise but I am very much willing to help. However, the problem is, my cousin is worrying too much with all the expenses. He's thinking of ways on how to cut the budget short but in a way that the event will not look cheap. So we both came up with the decision to make the wedding the traditional way in which the catering services will be shouldered by our family. Some of my aunties and my mom are in charge with the foods while some of our relatives will look for an ideal wedding venue and also the reception area as well. And now, I am going to act again as the main event organizer and I am responsible for making this event more appealing. I did all the necessary research especially including the proper table settings, seating arrangements , and all. I searched for table setting suggestions online and I came up with a great idea. Proper utensils and plate arrangements will be applied and on top of that, I will suggest him to order a set of personalized napkins to make the setup more inviting. I saw a wonderful Custom Wedding Napkin Ideas and I think I find it really fascinating. I submitted the plan to him and it's up to him whether he will approve it or not.


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