Knowing more about Web Directories

Are you familiar with Web Directory? How about Search Engine? As far as my technical knowledge is concerned Web Directories like Yahoo Directory and Best of the Web (BOTW) are different from Search Engines like Yahoo and Google.
Let's discuss them one by one.

(Here's how Search Engine looks like)

Search engine are tools designed to search information over the internet or through the World Wide Web. You just have to enter a keyword then it will give you the results which is usually presented in a list. Search results may consist of web pages, pictures, photos or images, information or any other type of files. Search Engines are very useful. For students, it will be easier for them to finish their homework and all other school stuffs with the use of Search engine instead of searching it manually through the use of books and encyclopedia.

(Here's how Web Directory looks like)

Unlike Search Engine, Web Directory specializes in linking other websites. It is also known as "link directory". It is not a search engine where in you can just input a set of keywords. The links in a Web directory are categorized. It can be categorized under business, computers, sports, entertainment and more. Unlike Search engine, Web directories are very general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories. Web directories provides great features and submission of a site is free and no charge. Web Directories are very efficient to use. Instead of providing you a deep link in a web page, it will give you the exact website that you were looking for. Web Directories is very common for business and very advisable for those who would like to start their business on line. With the help of business web directory, it will be easy for them and for their products or services to be recognize. Amazing!


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