Lalola was an Argentine telecomedy and aired at GMA daily before SIS.This comedy is about a man named Ramiro "Lalo" Padilla, who is the director of the media company High Five, editor of the famous magazine Don, and has many women around him. Romina , who is in love with Lalo, decides to avenge his lack of commitment by hiring a witch, who has him undergo a spell and turns him into a very beautiful woman, as Romina wanted to make him feel so desperate like a woman who is being harassed.Now, this man locked in a woman's body tries to pass himself off as someone else, because nobody will believe that he's suffered metamorphosis. So, she enters the company as Dolores "Lola" Padilla , cousin of Lalo, because Lalo "had to make an urgent trip to Germany because his father becamLAe ill", and therefore left her in his post.From this start, very funny situations happen, in which Lalo begins to discover Grace , her best friend, and all the things that make women different from men: using heels, wearing skirts, menstruation, and so on. Gradually, she notices some people who were with Lalo, including his best friend, Gaston . Without realizing it, she starts to get closer to coworker Facundo and falls in love.


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