Sine Novela Presents: Gilda Olvidado's Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin? is an Philippine and suspense drama aired on GMA Network. This is the first starring roles of StarStruck Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal. This is a remake of a Sharon CunetaGabby Concepcion movie from the late 80's.The Story goes aroung with the love story of Lito and Myrna
Even though his family was broken, Lito Sanchez (Aljur Abrenica) got everything he wanted. All the material possessions, the girls, and the fun. Myrna Ramos (Kris Bernal) is a straight "A" student coming from a devoted religious family. When Lito started to court Myrna, she immediately fell in love with him. Myrna's family, especially Myrna's father, dislike Lito, causing the couple to hide their relationship. Their roller coaster of emotions led from one thing to another until they slept together. These two teenagers were suddenly flung into the world of marriage when Myrna discovered that she was pregnant. Myrna tried to hold everything together. She defended her decision to stay with Lito to the whole world convincing herself that Lito is with her in every step of the way, but she knew she couldn't fool the world, not even herself. Lito refuses to hold responsibility, especially when Myrna gets a miscarriage, and falls into a depression. Meanwhile Lito starts hanging out with his no good friends again, which leads to an affair with an older woman, Glacilda Bautista (Ara Mina) . Glacilda seeks attention from Lito, who looks exactly like her late husband, Rafael (Julio Diaz). She carried the burdens of their love all by herself but Myrna later starts to question Lito's non-existent fidelity. Then Lito comes back & goes to Glacilda with Myrna heart-broken. She then gets promoted with Lito being furious so he comes back to work. Then, Myrna asks herself, is she even supposed to love Lito? Or will she go on all by herself?


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