Blog Idol T-shirt

Blog Idol Season 3 is going to be more exciting THIS YEAR because aside from the real prizes, voters will also have a chance to win the "I am a Certified Blogger" T shirt.

There are 2 ways to vote for your favorite Idol participant. First is the poll survey and the second one is via "comment system"

How Comment System works?
Every week as the game starts, i will give a link where you can leave your comments. In that comment, all you need to do is to state either the name of the idol participant or the name of the song chosen by the blog idol participant. You can comment on that link 3 times a day (you can comment or vote for multiple bloggers /one blogger per comment). Blog idol participant will earn 2 entries per comment.
As a commenter, you will earn one entry per comment. The more comments the more entries, the more entries the more chance to win the tshirt. Winner will be announce the day before the finale.

Here's how the "I am a Certified Blogger T shirt" will look like.

Just Click the image to enlarge. This is not final yet. I don't know if i am allowed to use the blogger logo. Design is also the same in female shirt. If you have any suggestion just tell me.


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