Library or Internet?

Why do we have to go to a library if we can find the information we need online? Why do we have to search it manually from one page to another if it’s just one click away using the Internet? It is so sad but it’s true. It is true that we are now embracing the modern technology brought to us by computers. We cannot deny the fact that Internet can provide the information we need way faster than the manual process of searching using books and encyclopedias. Today, we can download everything from the internet. We can download games for our mobiles, videos, Mp3 Files, Ring Tones, And a whole lot more.
We can even download a book to our Cell phone or computer via Internet. These books are called E-books. E-Books can be downloaded online; it uses either Txt File or PDF File. Text Files are the files that contain plain texts while PDF files may contain images. There are sites where you can download these files for free just like when you visit They offer free pdf download. This is the perpect place to find all kinds of pdf file you need.
However, even though we can do these stuffs online and download everything we need for free, it would still be great to go to a library once in a while. Happy blogging everyone!


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