Enthusiasm Give Away Contest

I think i should not worry that much about this Anonymous/Angry Voter/Marvin/ Marvin Schumi commenter (haha She got so many names) who is interfering the Blog Idol Game. I think i should focus more on how to make blog Idol more exciting and fun to my readers and especially to my Idol Participants.
It's just sad that one of the Idol already back out because of this trouble maker. We should look forward to the better side.
Anyway, i was able to think of new rule for my game. Commenting system will be change. I will explain it later.
Thank you so much for all who left their comments in my last post and showed their support.

Anyway, i have one good reason to celebrate this Week. Remember the Enthusiasm Give Away Contest? Yup! I won! I won! I won! Yipee!
Actually , making it the finals is already a "Win-win" to me. That is why i am jumping out from my chair now. So excited to read Fida's Book

So cheers! No need to think about that commenter and look forward to the positive side!

Thanks Fida Abbott for making my day!


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