Manila Bus Hostage Taking

“This kind of things always happen around the world [sic]. It happened to hk’s people, the whole hk is talking about it. It’s really sad.” this is a part of Jackie Chan's statement about the Manila Bus Hostage taking Incident at Manila 2 days ago where 8 Hongkong Nationals were killed. We really hook our eyes on every single details of the event. and right now, questions about this Hostage drama remains hanging. Who shall we blame? The policemen because of the lack of strategy, tactics and weapon? The media people who broadcast the hostage drama live which affect the hostage taker so bad? I think instead of blaming anyone, it is much better if we will just treat this as a lesson for the police to improve their tactics, for the media people to limit their coverage and for the people to be aware if ever this incident happens in the near future. This is an isolated case and Filipinos should not be blame for what happened. NO one would love that hostage taking incident to end up in a horrible nightmare taking lives of the 8 Hong Kong nationals.I hope this incident will serve as a lesson for everyone. Let’s just pray for their souls.


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