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After two months of house renovation, we finally see the outcome of all our sacrifices. We did not move on our Auntie’s house as what my mom suggested and decided to stay in our house despite of the ongoing renovation inside. We wanted to see how the renovation works and how much our how will improve. So far, so good! We are very pleased with the outcome. We never thought that our house can look something better like the one we have right now. We feel like, we joined the famous American reality show entitled “Clean House” and were amazed by it’s surprisingly result. From the Living room, bed room, bathroom and even the exterior part, everything looks perfectly amazing. Actually, my mom is trying to contact our Uncle James who is a certified Interior Designer to help her making our house more appealing. We also bought some magazine about interior designing and check some web sites to help us or to give us some great idea. For me, i would love to have some cool wooden furniture in our “sala” (a Filipino term for Living Room).It was said that wooden furniture is long lasting and provide relaxing ambiance to the house. It would also be great to place wooden Venetian blinds to match perfectly with the furniture. Anyway, I know that Interior designing is not that easy and will take a long time preparation and we also need an expert like my Uncle James to help us out in planning the designs. I will just update you about this. Have a great day guys and happy blogging!


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