Meet The Coyne Family

Hi everyone! Today, I will share some cool photos of our family, a brief history and other interesting facts about Coyne family! Let’s start with my grandparents.

This is my Grandpa Milton and my Granma Ruby. I never met them in person but we always keep in touch via phone. They are permanently residing on Oklahoma and some of our relatives too.

This is my Dad (right) with my Uncle James. They are very close to each other.

This is my loving and caring Mom. She really doesn’t taking photos of her and i am lucky to find this one in one of my photo album.

This is my younger brother Melvin. He is a certified fashionista and he is so creative too.

This is my one and only sister, Mira. She’s very cool and fun to be with,

This is me and my youngest brother, Milzon. We are very close to each other.

These are my Uncles from Oklahoma.
Isn’t so nice to save these kinds of photographs? Just like what they say, photographs do not just capture the images but also save the memories. Good thing that there are now plenty of ways to store your photos. Aside from ordinary photo albums, you can now store it online using some social networking sites. And you know what? I am very thankful to these social networking sites for allowing us to meet some of my relatives abroad. Actually, i am planning to create a website just for our family where in i am going to store and post all the photos and share it to everyone. In fact, there is free family website available to everyone. You can upload your photos, videos, music, and other files and display it on a site. Isn’t fun to create a website intended to share info and photos of your family?

You can visit our web page here Happy blogging everyone.
PS; Before i forgot, Snoopy is a part of our family too. LOL


  1. Mel Alarilla said...
    Nice photos of your family. Keep them for posterity's sake. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Anonymous said...
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