A Trouble With Kito

Being a pet owner is really a hard task. It follows responsibility and it can really be time consuming most of the time. Just like my experience with my best pet buddy. He is Kito and i must say that he's a very cheerful and playful dog. He loves to play and he's very aggressive sometimes. Anyway, i really like this dog because it makes my day complete and somehow, help me to relieve stress brought to my by my work. Once i got home, he will jump to me and lick my face. However, he's too much cheerfulness and playfulness brought us into trouble. We have a wide carpet on our living room and one time, he step inside our house and play along on the carpet, leaving all his foot frints on it. My mom is like bursting with anger after she found out those marks. We all know how hard clean the carpet right? Especially when it comes to removing stains and dirt. If we only have a chance to hire those expert Carpet cleaners Brisbane Australia is offering. We have nothing to worry about my Kito and we can just call them anytime.


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