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In my three years in blogging, i can say that i have learn a lot. I am not a techie person and i really started from scratch but because of my online friends, i was able to learn some information like how to deal with htmls, how to generate traffic to my site, how to increase my page rank and how to gain visitors and more. Speaking of traffic, at first i thought that this thing is very complicated and only techie person has the power to understand such matter but as time goes by, i soon learn some ways to generate traffic to your site. Actually you can use a third party websites or software to boost your traffic and generate more visitors to your site. Just like what i have discovered last night while i am surfing online. I discovered traffic voodoo 2.0 and how the software works. It ensures you to gain an amazing amount of traffic in such a short period of time. It is a great advantage for those bloggers who has a business sites or those bloggers who work as freelance web writers online.


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