Her Upcoming Business

It seems that it was just yesterday when i saw my Auntie actively working in her job as a manager in a restaurant. She even sometimes tour us in her working place and treat us some drinks. But now, surprisingly, she is now preparing for her retirement. Well, she's been working for almost 20 years so i guess that is good enough to say that she needs a retirement now. But my Auntie is such a workaholic type of woman and she really don't want to stay idle doing nothing. I am not wondering why the last time i saw her, she is asking me where can she order business cards. She told me that she is planning now to start her brand new business. This time, she will now be working under any other employer or working for her bosses because the restaurant that she is about to manage is her own property. According to her, this is her way to keep her self busy after her retirement. She is also started hiring employees for her restaurant. I wish all the luck for my auntie and may her business become very successful. We also advised her to spend some time to relax and never stress her self.


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