Dare Yourself : Extreme Sports!!!

Extreme sports are quite in demand today and if you are an athletic type of person, then I’m sure you are also up to it. Obviously, the main reason why most people are involving themselves in such kind of sports is the thrill and the excitement that it offers which no other typical sports can provide. The level of intensity here is simply incomparable and I’m not wondering why most people especially those thrill seeking ones are really into such sports. Unfortunately, I am not an athletic type of guy so I’m not really suit for this kind of adrenaline packed activities but I’m going to list down some of those extreme sports that I wish I could try one day.
Skateboarding : I feel so envious every time I see those amazing moves and tricks by those skateboarders. I was really impressed by those aggressive inline skaters most especially those freestylers. This will definitely measure how well you are in strategizing your moves and your stunts.
Mountain Biking: This sport has been featured many times already on TV and I just can’t imagine where the hell these Mountain Bikers get the strength and the braveness to do such challenging sports. The level of risk is too dangerous and only professionals and skilled Bikers can perform such breath-taking sport.
Motocross: We all know how dangerous the Motocross sport is. We’ve seen those accidents being documented for some shows for television. Some competitions have been telecasted too including the well known FIM Motocross World Championship. The 55th season is currently on going and the championship is set to take place this coming October 25 and I am so excited about this. My dad and I were really eying this event.
Snowboarding: Even though it is a seasonal sport, many athletes were attracted to this even those in tropical countries like Philippines. Surprisingly we have some players here who travel abroad to compete. Snowboarding is more like a combination of different extreme sports like sledding, skiing, surfing and skateboarding. It is also one of the main sports in the most prestigious Winter Olympics.
Obviously, all these sports require high level of experience whether you are trying to compete or you’re just challenging yourself. Safety should always come first when it comes to extreme sports. You have to keep in mind that your life can be at risk so you have to protect yourself from any harm simply by wearing protective sport gears. All the gears should be made in high quality materials so that you will not encounter any issues in the future. Wear safety helmets, protective gloves and boots, and also Electric Sunglasses in case you’re into winter sports like Skiing and snowboarding to protect yourself from any eye injury.
So will you also dare yourself to try any of these extreme sports?


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