Then and Now

Wow! I remember having this phone a long long time ago. I can't remember the model now but as far as I know it is Nokia 3310 (correct me if I'm wrong). Can you imagine that? Time really run out so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when everyone is so crazy with this one and now the market is flooded with high tech and innovative phones from different well known manufacturers. It seems that every week, a new model will be launched, showcasing new features for their users. There's just too many things that we can do now with our phones aside from the text and call features. Now we have cameras, radio, dual sim, tv, mobile internet, touch screen and more. We have so much things to expect more this coming years and isn't so exciting?

Aside from our phone, there are so many gadgets today that come the long way. Video Cameras for example became slimmer, smaller and more user friendly from being bulky and not so portable device. I've been reading several reliable camcorder reviews online and I was pretty impressed how drastically this device has changed. Camcorders today are digital and provide a superb recording quality by recording audio and video digitally without any loss in quality. How great is that right?


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