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I just had a movie marathon last week and I was able to watch 6 movies in one week. Don't get me wrong but I am not referring to the latest movies in cinemas here. What I'm talking about here are those old and classic films and I was able to watch them online. Care to know what are those movies? Well, I started off with 2 classic Stephen King movies, Misery and The Shinning. Both of them are simply amazing and very incomparable to those nonsense gory movies today. Third is a very uplifting film from Robin Williams which is no other than "The Bicentennial Man". It has a very unique story line and something that you could never imagine to happen. It takes place to different timeline which is pretty rare for some movies. Following another Robin Williams film is a 2006 movie entitled "RV" . It's a family and a very wholesome movie which pays tribute to our dads. My beloved Kristin Chenoweth played a pivot role for this film too.
The fifth one is truly a classic film starring Julie Andrews. Needless to say, there are few very notable movies starring Julie but what makes here more popular is when she portrayed the role of Maria in the well respected "Sound of Music". Oh God, this is truly a classic film and it gives me goosebumps watching such a brilliant movie. Lastly is a film from my most favorite country singer of all time, Dolly Parton. She did an amazing role in "9 to 5". It's a comedy film about 3 secretaries facing issues with their boss. It's a must watch film that will make you laugh.
Anyway, I'm planning to go for another movie marathon next week and I will buzz you about them again. It's true that I can watch my favorite movies online however, i can only do that whenever I'm home since my laptop is not working and my company doesn't allowed me to bring such device.
I can bring my phone but unlike those big time phones that my colleagues have, mine don't have enough memory to store huge files. I'm afraid my memory card can't support larger files like those downloadable movies online. It's possible of course but I need to have 32GB memory card for more storage. Sigh!I wonder how much a 32 GB memory costs. Any idea guys?


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