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After the controversial split decision over the Pacquiao - Bradley fight, i don't think I am in the mood right now to watch any more boxing games. Maybe I'll give it a break for awhile. The recently held fight during the Pacquiao vs Bradley is indeed a controversial one and I know most of you who have watched the game felt the same way. It is pretty obvious that Manny Pacquiao should have won that game. I'm sure most of the people who have brought their boxing tickets were very much disappointed with the result.
Anyway, I guess I'll pay more attention to the 14th season of the UFC this coming September. I'm sure this season will offer a much more intense event. I am a big fan of UFC and I never get tired watching the reruns too. Hopefully, I will get a chance to watch the event live or perhaps, i could find a site that offers ufc tickets in such a convincing price. I did some research actually and I found one at Ticketamerica.com.
Ticketamerica.com sells tickets for the UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship and all of the Strike Force match-ups and all pro and amature Boxing events for all cities and weight classes. I think this is way far more convenient than hitting those ticket stores in the malls right?
I might consider buying a couple of strikeforce tickets so I can take my cousin with me. He's a big fan too!


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    Raine Lee said...
    That was really a very good article! i loove it! you should watch for Chavez vs Martinez fight on September 15. Or you could buy your tickets here.

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