The Role of Wedding Cake Toppers

I'm sure that you're going to agree with me if I say that a cake will be boring without those wonderful displays on top. A great-tasting cake will be useless if it is not presented in a very inviting and appealing way. Clay toppers can be used on different cakes for different kind of occasions. Just like the image above. It was a fondant cake used for my nephew's 6th birthday. The cake was pretty impressive and is creatively done and kids really had so much fun with it. Aside from birthdays, toppers can also be used for weddings and other related celebrations. I think it has been a tradition for almost all weddings to have these wonderful wedding cake toppers to represent the engaged couple. Of course, it is not necessary to have it but having such design will somehow make your cake more interesting and inviting.
Now, if you're aiming for a unique and a picture-perfect wedding cake topper, then you might need an assistance from your wedding coordinator or if you don't have one, perhaps you can check it online to get some ideas. Wedding cake toppers can be in form of simple figurines, miniature plastic and non-toxic toys, flowers, and even polymer clay. You can have an edible cake toppers too which are mostly made from fondant icing.
Cake toppers might not be as expensive as the other wedding decorations but they do have a vital role that should be considered when you're planning to buy a wedding cake.
If you want to explore more about wedding cake toppers, you can check the web or better yet visit the official webpage of Weddingstar for more creative wedding ideas.

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