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I am not an athletic type of guy and never been involved in any sport or varsity when I was in College. However, despite of that physical incapability, I never get tired watching sports on TV. I am not an enthusiast when it comes to sport but I love watching the show and I'm always excited about it.
Never had some interesting news to baseball though except for the controversies that Milwaukee Brewers had recently. They said that Prince Fielder would leave the team after a decade of being a part of it. They said that he would sign under Detroit Tigers which is such a disappointment for most Brewers fan. He has been one of the major contributor to the team and it was such a devastating loss indeed. Anyway, I'm sure many people would still offer their support to this team and will consider buying milwaukee brewers tickets still.
Minnesota Twins , on the other hand is up for another season of game and that's pretty interesting as well. You might want to buy minnesota twins tickets as early as this time to reserve your seats and get a chance to watch the game live.
I am a big fan of Los Angeles Dodgers too so I might include los angeles dodgers tickets on my wish list this year.
Anyway, I might have to watch the current games on tv first. After all, I can have the same amount of watching pleasure due to the HD channels that we have hehe.


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