Game Review : Suikoden V


Suikoden games having coming out left and right, but a lot of fans of the series have been miffed that their cool factor’s been dropping lately.

Apart from some cut scenes, you could mistake this for a PS1 title. The Camera is fixed at a third-person angle that looks down on the characters. This would fine, except there’s no way to rotate it, creating a lot of “blind spots”. Some rune effects and co-op attacks look great, but you know they could’ve done a lot better.

The story line has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster! The battle system is the same as in the first two games in the series, but with the new twist: formations. The key to winning fight is to find the right set of people to fight together , using form skills well, and changing formations depending on the situation. the real time duel and war battles add some spice to the mix. Each of the 108 stars of destiny has also been fleshed out as well, making each one interesting.

The character voices in this game are tops! The music, a tribute to Suikoden 1’s theme, is kay at first but hearing the same loop being repeated over and over again could get pretty tiresome.

Recruiting all 108 characters could be pretty tough the first play through, so the game has a new game+ function that allows you to keep items, money and skills from your final save. Playing the game again can be pretty boring, though, since there’s no way to skip cutscenes.

One of the deepest and immersive RPGs we’ve seen in a long time. If it weren’t for the humdrum graphics and the slow loading timeduring battles, this game would have gotten a perfect dcore. Even with its drawbacks, though, this game should be played be anyone and evryone who loves a good RPG.

Nightmare Flash Games

I am addicted to Flash Games. Too childish isnt? You might want to check what has to offer. They got tons and huge collections of flash games separated in different category. These games were written using a combination of CSS, JavaScript and the Document Object Model, collectively termed as dynamic HTML (DHTML). Normally used for drop down menus and simple image rollovers. You can even paste or add this flash games in some of your social networking site like friendster!Let me share you one of my favorite flash games. It was entitled

It is a short role playing game and the story revolves around a young boy's adventures in his own dream.The rules for this game was very easy, all you need to do is to solve hidden puzzles, tricks and more and your mission is to protect this little boy in getting a nightmare. Within his dreams you will meet different scary creatures and goones and you have to defeat them not in your own strength but your thinking ability to solve puzzles.

I am Monday

I Am Monday

You Are Monday

Like this day of the week, you are ruled by the moon.

More than anything, you are flexible.

You are moody and impressionable. You are easily influenced by the world around you.

And while you can be temperamental, you eventually adjust.

While Mondays tend to be the hardest day for people, you don't mind getting back to regular life.

You're the one waking up early and making the coffee while everyone else complains.



This furry little creature is a lot smarter than it looks. Navirobo, as its name suggest, is a navigation robot that guides you through the city streets. But instead of the usual verbal instructions, Navirobo Does something cooler: It points you in tjhe direction you are supposed to go. And if you happen to miss a turn, it turns around and points to where you missed it!
Navirobo is a 9.8 inches tall. It does a happy bear dance when you arrived at your destination. It can sit on your car's dashboard amd it is GPS-enabled too! Amazing.

Library or Internet?

Why do we have to go to a library if we can find the information we need online? Why do we have to search it manually from one page to another if it’s just one click away using the Internet? It is so sad but it’s true. It is true that we are now embracing the modern technology brought to us by computers. We cannot deny the fact that Internet can provide the information we need way faster than the manual process of searching using books and encyclopedias. Today, we can download everything from the internet. We can download games for our mobiles, videos, Mp3 Files, Ring Tones, And a whole lot more.
We can even download a book to our Cell phone or computer via Internet. These books are called E-books. E-Books can be downloaded online; it uses either Txt File or PDF File. Text Files are the files that contain plain texts while PDF files may contain images. There are sites where you can download these files for free just like when you visit They offer free pdf download. This is the perpect place to find all kinds of pdf file you need.
However, even though we can do these stuffs online and download everything we need for free, it would still be great to go to a library once in a while. Happy blogging everyone!

Blog idol Tshirt Winner

Congratulations to the Blog Idol T-shirt Winner
I used to pick the winner.
The Winner is No. 14
(check the video below and a screenshot below)
PS: sorry for the bad graphics huh ^_^


No. 14 is homebodyhubby

Pls send me your Mailing address and the size of the T-shirt at or add me to facebook (same email ad) and send me a message there.
Item will be given by the end of the game

Since we still have one more T-shirt to be given away.
I want to ask your suggestion about the Tshirt design.
I decided to use the Blog Idol Logo instead of the Blogger logo. thanks to Foong(^_^)

1. "I am a certified Blog Idol" Design

2. "I am a Blog Idol" Design

3. "Blog Idol logo Only" Design

Which is the best design?
thanks a lot!
and congratulations

More About SEO

I’ve been in blogging industry for almost three years and I can say that one of the hardest and challenging parts of handling a blog is to generate more traffic to it. I’ve always wanted to increase the traffic of my websites though it seems to be not working at all for me. I tried everything and search about the most effective ways of generating web traffic over the web until I found a site that tackles about this what so called “search engine optimization”. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or blogs.
It is said that once you have learned everything about SEO, you do not have to worry now about the “ups and downs “of your blog. SEO can help you not just to generate traffic but also to gain readers and followers to your blog. It is also a main tool used for Internet Marketing or what so called Online Advertising. SEO can also help you and your site to be easily found online by using some ell known search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. So if you want to gain readers, increase your Page Rank, generate more traffic, and earn money online, you better start learning Search Engine Optimization.

I think i should not worry that much about this Anonymous/Angry Voter/Marvin/ Marvin Schumi commenter (haha She got so many names) who is interfering the Blog Idol Game. I think i should focus more on how to make blog Idol more exciting and fun to my readers and especially to my Idol Participants.
It's just sad that one of the Idol already back out because of this trouble maker. We should look forward to the better side.
Anyway, i was able to think of new rule for my game. Commenting system will be change. I will explain it later.
Thank you so much for all who left their comments in my last post and showed their support.

Anyway, i have one good reason to celebrate this Week. Remember the Enthusiasm Give Away Contest? Yup! I won! I won! I won! Yipee!
Actually , making it the finals is already a "Win-win" to me. That is why i am jumping out from my chair now. So excited to read Fida's Book

So cheers! No need to think about that commenter and look forward to the positive side!

Thanks Fida Abbott for making my day!

Wind Power

Yesterday while I was searching over the web, looking for some brand new discoveries, I suddenly found a very interesting site. The site offers wind turbines. Wind turbines are not so new to me already because most of the population in my province, Batanes Philippines is using this kind of device as the main source of energy in that area. We’ve been seeing a lot of sites that offer different products like handy crafts, dresses and more but seeing a site that is promoting wind generators is something new and very interesting to me. Since it catches my attention, I went deeper and search more about this site. I found out that Aeolos Wind turbine, the name of the company, is the leading wind generator manufacturer in the world. They are known for producing and providing efficient and reliable wind power system. They have been providing quality services since 1986 so I am not wondering anymore why they are now serving more than 60 countries world wide. I think this wind generators are very practical and efficient to use. If you want to know more about Aeolos Wind Turbine Company, you can visit them at and see what else they have to offer!

Your Life's Challenge is Being Fickle

The whole world is open to you. You are a smart person with many resources and opportunities.

You've lucked out a lot in life. Things always seem to go your way, and you've had many successes.

You may be surprised to learn that you are standing in the way of more success by being a bit too irresponsible and flaky.

If you stuck to things a bit longer, you would rule the world. You have much more in you than you even realize.

Blog Idol T-shirt

Blog Idol Season 3 is going to be more exciting THIS YEAR because aside from the real prizes, voters will also have a chance to win the "I am a Certified Blogger" T shirt.

There are 2 ways to vote for your favorite Idol participant. First is the poll survey and the second one is via "comment system"

How Comment System works?
Every week as the game starts, i will give a link where you can leave your comments. In that comment, all you need to do is to state either the name of the idol participant or the name of the song chosen by the blog idol participant. You can comment on that link 3 times a day (you can comment or vote for multiple bloggers /one blogger per comment). Blog idol participant will earn 2 entries per comment.
As a commenter, you will earn one entry per comment. The more comments the more entries, the more entries the more chance to win the tshirt. Winner will be announce the day before the finale.

Here's how the "I am a Certified Blogger T shirt" will look like.

Just Click the image to enlarge. This is not final yet. I don't know if i am allowed to use the blogger logo. Design is also the same in female shirt. If you have any suggestion just tell me.
The heat is on, Blog Idol is now on it's season 3 and this year, there are so many exciting events to happen! There's ll now be real prizes to be won.
◘ First, You just need to sign up HERE and provide some info including your name and your blog url. Only the first 12 who signed up will be included in the game.
◘ After completing the 12 participants, each of you will receive a private link that will bring you to your official blog idol page.
What's with the blog idol Page? The blog idol page contains the list of song categories that will be used for the competition.
What yo do next? You ONLY HAVE TO SUBMIT A TOTAL OF 9 SONG TITLES based on the provided category.
(for example PROVIDED CATEGORY: BEATLES SONG / YOUR SONG ENTRY:(one of the song title you submitted) HEY JUDE!
◘ Again, You Only have to submit 9 song titles to me and That's It! You're already done with your part and i will take care of the rest.
◘ this is not a singing competition.

◘ Here's an illustration of the game to help you.
◘ Everything will be based on the number of votes! The blogger who will get the highest votes will win.
◘ Blogger who will get the least number of votes in a specific week will be eliminated.
How to earn votes? There are 2 way to earn votes: Poll Survey and via Comment
How to earn votes via Poll Survey? I will be placing a poll survey here in my blog where everyone can vote for you. 1 vote = 1 entry for you.
How to earn votes via Comment System? It is optional for you to encourage readers to vote for your entry. If a non-participant vote for you via comment (should declared that he/she is voting for you to make the comment a valid entry), you will gain automatically 2 entries ( 1 vote via comment = 2 entries)
◘ Again, the game will be based on the number of votes. there are 2 ways to earn votes : poll survey and via comment.
◘ There will be a scoreboard to help you track your current standing.

◘ Each voter who will leave a comment here will also gain an entry to win the "I AM A CERTIFIED BLOGGER" T shirt.(will explain about the tshirt soon)
◘ I will have a raffle draw the day after the finale. So the more entries the more chances to win the T shirt
◘ How many times a voter can vote? You can vote as many times you want in a week in a maximum of TWO Comments per Day

Blog Idol = 30 usd
Top 2 = 10 usd
Idol Commenter = T-shirt

◘ You Should have a PAYPAL account
◘ You should be willing to place the sponsor's badge in your blog until the competition ends

"Blog Idol Batch 2010"

Will discuss more about the Blog Idol T-shirt in my next post

Before Anything Else

I love online games especially casino games. I used to play Poker and roulette during my free time. However, I try to make sure not to get addicted into those games especially that you are dealing with real money here. And if ever I will play Casinos online, I make sure that I will be dealing with a well trusted site. I recommend you to visit as it offer online casino reviews and they also provide the list of best casino games online. Playing Casino is risky but if you are clever enough to observe the site you are going to deal with before playing the game and before risking your money, you have nothing to worry about. So before anything else, you have to be very observant, be wise and have fun!

Pictures To Share

My Dog Kito
heavy Breakfast Meal
Sepak Takraw


Online Journey Gadget Review Special

Oh my starting today i will be listing down all my dream gadgets. Have you ever heard something about "concept cars"? They were specially designed prototypes with futuristic design or technology. Though some of them might not actually hit the sleves, so do not go begging for your mom and dad yet! hehe. Now let's take a look with one of them. Lets start with Onyx. Onyx takes touchpad technology a step further with the ClearPad, a mobile phone that is basically one big slab of screen. Closing programs is very easy a marking it with an "x" and answering calls is as simple as pressing the unit against your ear. You can use two fingers at once to operate it. Think of it as a small but very high tech Etch-a-Sketch!

Despite of the Crisis

Global financial crisis really affects our economy. A lot of business establishments are in danger of closure because of bankruptcy. It is also hard to get a new job because a lot of companies are minimizing their work force (employees). The competition in job market takes place on an applicant’s educational attainment and skills which is not so good for those individuals who are in need of a job but not holding any degree and the credentials are not enough to be considered in the position they are applying for. So if you have a job right now, do not be so choosy and think that you are lucky enough to be in your position compared to those who are unemployed. If you got a job already, it is better if you have a small business too which can also be a source of income. You can apply for Small Business Loan or any Personal Loans to start your business. These Small Business Loans will help you to establish your own business despite of the lack of your financial. These Business Financing companies will lend you an amount that is good enough to start your own business.
In fact, there are sites all over the web that offers these kinds of Business Loans. One of trusted site would be that offers great deals and packages including the 6% interest rates. If you are interested how to avail this kind of Personal Loan, you can visit them at their site and see what the site has to offer for you.

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