How Does Doodle Animation Works

I have been very busy with my work and I seldom get a quality time to focus on my other hobbies including drawing. Yeah! I really love to draw and it used to be my past time hobby when i was in high school. I try to establish a website dedicated to my drawings but it turns out a big failure because i didn't get enough time to draw and scan the pictures one by one. The picture shown on the left is one of my works and i'm kinda happy because this is one of the comic strips that i was able to share to my friends online. I am not good in drawing but at least they are not "stick people" (and you know what i mean right? hahaha) . Anyway, have you seen a doodle animation before? Do you how it works and how it is being used today? Doodles are more like a conventional or unfocused drawings but they are not to distort or abstract to understand. They are simple drawings with concrete representational meaning.
These are the drawings that are commonly used for editorials. Doodle animation, on the other hand, has a different approach because they are most likely used for advertisements or promotions. Most companies today are into it because it is very viewer's friendly and people will easily get the message that the commercial is trying to deliver. You can check the video below to see how it works and how it can help the business to grow.


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