I want to be a copywriter

I have been working as freelance writer for almost 2 years now and I have been enjoying my work and I want to grow more and to explore other field. I am not holding any degree but it will never be a hindrance for me to achieve my goal. Writing has always been my passion and i am willing to do anything to become a certified writer someday. English may not be my mother language but i am still willing to learn more to improve my writing skills. Copywriting can be a great stepping point for a beginner and for a unskilled writer like me. I don't have to take any course or any formal training just to acquire such profession.
It can be a home-based job too which makes me eager to learn such field. In addition to that, copywriters are highly in demand today and most companies today are in need of creative copywriters to help them promote their products or services easier and faster.
The main duty of a copywriter is to write texts or articles to be used for a certain advertisement for magazines, newspapers, radio, television and other forms of media.
There's really so much room for growth for a copywriter and i'm sure there are plenty of great opportunities awaits them.
Since we're talking about copywriters, I'm sure you guys are familiar with Perry Belcher. He's well known in this field of writing and you might take him as one of your inspirations.
You can also get a copy of his free copywriting newsletter and who knows, you might get some cool tips and ideas.
Check the video to know how to avail his newsletter.


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