I just found these pictures from an old magazine that we were about to dispose yesterday. Isn't so fascinating to compare those old furniture than what we have now? Compare the style, the looks, the materials, the quality and the price! There is a huge difference indeed and we can't deny the fact that as the furniture gets old, the higher the value they get which makes them very expensive nowadays.
Just look at these Rattan furniture! They all look great right? They are not too spacy either which make them really ideal for small houses.
These grandfather clocks, on the other hand, are truly classic but if you are aiming for a modern and contemporary style of house, then this may not be suitable for you.
For the dining area, these Rattan chairs might be one of the most practical options you can get. Well, it actually reminds me of our Civil Technology class when i was in high school. As far as I remember, we made our very own kitchen cart from rattan materials. Too bad I can't share any picture at the moment but i think we did pretty well with that project.
Since we're talking about kitchen karts here, I think we might have to buy one for our kitchen too. I never pay too much attention to our kitchen until i realized that it is time for us to give our kitchen a little make over and I have to start it by simply adding furniture to it. It is very ideal for us to have a kitchen cart knowing that my mom used to sped most of her time in cooking and baking. Cymax is probably one of the best sources of furniture online. They offer a wide range of furniture. From Living room furniture, bed room, bathroom and kitchen, name it! Cymax got them all for you. In addition to that, they also provide a very satisfying customer service to meet all your expectations from the company. You can actually navigate their site with no ease and they also offer "free shipping" on most of their items.


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