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Its been more than a year since i start blogging. I learned so many things that I am not expecting for me to learn. I learned how to customize my template and i learned how to put more colors into it by placing widgets like background music, animation and more. I started joining some social medium and meet some online friends. Through this social media and community, i discovered that there are lot of things i can do with my blog that will give me more fun and excitement. Then i finally discovered how to earn extra bucks and that is to advertise on blogs. At first, i was a bit confused of how blog advertising works until someone taught me how. By accepting opportunities provided by the advertisers, you can easily earn money by meeting those requirements with that certain opportunity you took. Since i am now giving prior with blog advertising, i try to search different articles in relation with blog advertisement. I have read an article about Internet advertising and how does it works for me. I discovered new things and found out how easy to enter the world of blog Advertising.


  1. Webster Twelb said...
    I'd been blogging for almost 2 years. I stopped for a while but it's been great. I see you have google adsense. I'm still kind of in doubt that people earn money out of it. If you have let me know.
    Anonymous said...
    i`m your permanent reader now
    Anonymous said...
    итак: благодарю!! а82ч

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