Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili are now in the Senate for their public hearing of the sex scandal issue. I was appalled after hearing how Hayden Kho described his relationship with Katrina. According to the Dr. Kho the relationship was all about “Drugs and sex, drugs and sex.” To which Katrina replied “Minahal ko si Hayden”.
When Kho looked back at her, she broke down and told Kho “Kapal ng mukha mo nakakatingin ka pa sa akin (You even have the face to look at me!)”. Senators have to call for a break after tensions mounted.
After showing immense interest in the

controversy, the Filipino public now expects that they will be treated as mature members of our society whose guidance and decision is not sought only during election time but in critical moments like this where public sensibility will be seriously offended if they will be shut out of information over an issue that will surely affect the future direction of this country.
Apparently some guy decided to splash water at Hayden Kho. It was said that the man behind that incident was a former police and mayor. There are rumors that it was scripted and some says its due to extreme anger because of what Dr Kho did.
Here's the video for the Katrina Halili And Hayden Kho Face Off

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