Shall We Dance:The Celebrity Dance Challenge is a reality dance competition TV program in TV5 hosted by Lucy Torres Gomez.
Drought may have hit the nation, but a downpour of stars has once again flooded the glitzy dance floor of the original celebrity dance challenge show in the Philippines. Panel of Judges includes Mr. Douglas Nierras (the Supremo of Dance),Ednah Ledesma(World Ballroom Champion), and Regine Tolentino (Dance Diva). Joining with Lucy are her co-host Arnel Ignacio and PBB housemate Jon Avila. The Game is looking at 5 batches of 3 celebrity challengers. Every batch will then be having its own Finals Night, which shall be preceded by a Voting Show.More hot celebs and big, big, big stars are set to conquer the dance floor of Shall We Dance!


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