TV5’s first ever situational comedy" Everybody Hapi".With a dynamic cast starring hunky John Estrada who is making a huge comeback to TV sitcoms, veteran comedians Eugene Domingo, Long Mejia, blended with the youthful and fresh humor of Alex Gonzaga, Roxanne Guinoo, Matt Evans, and Randolf Stalamaky, the story is sure to become a classic with characters that are both relatable and funny.Two warring heads of families living in a duplex are literally divided as two sisters versus the man they hate (and loved) the most become next-door neighbors and business rivals between the sisters’ beauty parlor, and the hunky newcomer’s funeral parlor! The sitcom’s overall comedy comes from the raw humor and chemistry of the cast that comes out naturally, plus their nonstop sarcastic remarks and crazy antics. The script is effortlessly funny, booted with sounds and music that add up to the comic ambience of the show. Fully-furnished with humorous romance and hilarity, these loveable and funny tenants will surely make everybody laugh,


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