QTV 11’s The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres-Gomez, a lifestyle show marketed for women, but will also do for men because it espouses family values and that should include the fathers.What makes the discussions on The Sweet Life livelier is the way the hosts relate to the guests. For some reason, Wilma seems to know all their celebrity guests personally and has had bonding sessions with them in the past. (In real life, she’s really friendly — short of being crowned Miss Congeniality). Actually, Wilma’s knowledge of the personal circumstances in the lives of their guests helps a lot in the discussion because even the little details are taken up and the interviews really get to be thorough. It is always entertaining (even informative) to watch The Sweet Life — thanks to the interesting topics featured in the show and the way the hosts handle the guests and themselves. Anything sweet gives energy, but too much of it is dangerous and makes you fat. But you’re safe watching The Sweet Life. It only warms your heart.

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    palaging mataas yong pr mo sakin noong nagsimula palang ako sa blogging palaging mataas yong pr ko pero ngayon takot na sa akin ang pr iwan ko kung bakit...

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