Marble Or Granite?

If you want to have a luxurious looking kitchen, then better choose ether Marble or granite for the finishing. They both have this glossy natural effect which can definitely makes your kitchen more appealing. It is true that both of these finishing material are quite expensive compare to other but the quality and the durability of marble and granite is simply incomparable.
But which of these two material is the best and highly recommendable for your kitchen? They said that both of these materials provide the same quality however, Granite is much durable. Marble is porous which is therefore much prone to staining but of course it depends upon how frequently you maintain it.
Nevertheless, both of them are still highly recommended and it is all up to you whether you choose Marble or Granite for your kitchen. They are both available in many varieties and colors too. I think it doesn't matter whether you choose Marble or granite for your kitchen, what matters most is that you regularly keep them clean. I think there are cleaning solution specially made for these materials to keep them clean and shiny everyday.

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