A Question From Mr "?"

I was in a forum last night because i am about to ask something about the thesis that i am working on when suddenly this topic took my attention. This guy is asking if being a Janitor is bad. Well, somehow this is a silly question because we all know what the answer is right? But aybe something is bothering this guy that's why he raised this question in a forum to know what everybody thinks about being a janitor.
Being a janitor is not a BAD thing!!! I can tell you that because my Uncle is working as a custodian for almost a decade now and he's very proud of it. Being a janitor is much better than being unemployed you know! You should also be proud of it because Janitor is a profession that is honest, legal, and the most important of all, it is a noble job!
And i don't see any reason to be ashamed of. I don't mind working as a Janitor either! In fact, Janitor is really an in-demand job. Most people are really grabbing those opportunities abroad to work as janitors.
So Mr "?" (i dare not to mention his name but i replied over his forum that i will make a post about this), you should not put yourself down and be proud instead. Or if you are just planning to apply as a Janitor, then i suggest you apply directly on a janitorial services company so that you will be trained properly. Who knows? You could be one of those janitors that provide a very satisfying high quality services like the Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has.
I hope this answers your question Mr "?". Have a great day!


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