Should I Bring it or not?

Sometimes, i am really not sure if it is right to bring my car into a repair shop or it is much better to fix it myself or ask someone fro the neighbor to help me. I know that fixing the issue myself could be a bit risky and i do not want to make the condition of my car even worst. I also don't have any courage to ask someone from the neighbor and help me.
We just can't deny the fact that there are some repair shops today that are not providing high quality service. In fact, some of them are taking advantage of their customer. They used to give us fake or false findings and results. They will make a simple car issue to an exaggerated one. They turn a simple issue to a horrible disaster.
Of course, the customers will have no choice but to pay for the expensive repair fee (not to mention the materials that you have to buy in case that you need to replace a spare) for the sake of having their car fixed. Well, not all the auto repair shop is like this. There are still some honest and well trusted shops like the Auto Repair Federal Way in Washington. I just went to visit their official web page last night and i found out that the company has been serving their customers since 1982. It is actually a family owned business and has been in this industry for a very long time. They are well known for providing high quality of service. No wonder why there are so many positive feedback about them.


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