Pimp My Ride

Are you familiar with the "Pimp My Ride" show? I used to watch this show before and i am big fan. This is a show where they take a car in a poor condition and they restore and customized it to make it more appealing than ever. It's like making a treasure out of a trash.
Actually, we had a local version of this show here in the country before and believe me or not, i submitted as many entries as i can just to include my hopeless old car but unfortunately non of those entries were chosen by that program.
Well, we really don't have to wait that long just to have that extreme car make over that we've always wanted for our car because there are so many car painting shop out there for you. Just like what that Car Painting Portland Shop in Oregon provides.
I'm not so sure how much a car painting costs but if you are going to get this kind of service, just make sure that you bring your car to a reliable one. Make sure that the material they will use are high in standards so that you will not encounter any troubles in the near future.
I think if you really want to make your car more appealing, having a car make over from time to time is advisable. So are you ready to pimp your ride now?


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